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Major Field of Research Interest


I began painting with a conscious subject in my mind exploring it and connecting my feelings with it by free association. Soon, I became attracted to computer graphics; in particular, to the interplay of technology and art. Yet, I could not ignore my first passion for painting. These two directions led me to an attempt to incorporate "technology and art" by relating computer skills to painting. The computer began functioning as an artistic tool, an extension or in lieu of the traditional medium, such as brush, paints. During this period, I used the computer as an artistic tool that can design and manipulate the paintings, but always being conscious of the "manipulator" behind the machine, the creative force, the artist. Perhaps mainly due to the imposition of the physical shape and make-up of the computer screens regardless of their size and to the traditionally expected shape of the canvas, I felt an urge to "get out" of the four-cornered boundary, to free myself from the circumscribed space so as to give my imagination more expansive space to manifest beyond the severe four angles of rectangles or squares.


As in execution of all art forms, the final question to be answered and executed is how well a creative artist translates his/her vision into visible form with an aesthetic "judiciousness."