Welcome to InSoon Felch's first Online Digital Art class for 2008. The purpose of this program is to develop growing, dynamic, and various design techniques with those with the willingness to use traditional, alternative, and digital delivery methods. This includes participation in a laptop environment. Students should demonstrate a sensitivity to design aesthetics and critical thinking as well as the ability to interpret issues of form and content.

In this class you will learn:

All of the aspects involved in the digital photographic process:Capturing, Editing, and Output. Adobe Photoshop CS3, utilized for image manupulation, compositing, and transformation.

Digital cameras, file formats and resolution
Monitor calibration, working space, preferences and setting
DNG and LAW file
Adobe Bridge and file management
Luminosity, color and tonal adjustment
Image enhencements, retouching and manipulation
Texture, layer styles and manipulation
Output technique using inkjet printers


Several topics will be covered in class lectures and demonsrations through the Power Point Presentation. You will need time outside of class to complete your assignments. If you have any questions about how you are doing in this class, please send me an email to discuss your work or grade in the apprpriate time. Photo assignments will be given during the semester to access your understanding of technical and conceptual issues. I will provide detailed and written instruction well in advance.

Keep in mind you will need time outside of class to complete your assignments.


Send E-mail: insoonfelch@gmail.com

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This class is designed for those who wish to use their artistic talents in this post-modern digital era. To advance the knowledge of contemporary art and photographic practice, specific readings will be assigned during the semester along with other relevant material.


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