InSoon S. Felch



To Express and To Live


The ultimate professional goal in my life is to be able to teach on the college level. I believe communicating what I have learned with students will be a challenging and most rewarding task. I am confident that attaining this professional goal would help me develop my career as a teacher-artist.
From my childhood, I have had an interest in and love for the visual arts.
I realized that one undeniable truth is that I express myself best through my art work. It was my seventh grade art teacher who made me conscious of my artistic skill through her guidance and encouragement to improve my artistic endeavors. Having been inspired by former teacher-artists, I have, and am learning techniques for teaching students who follow me.
I want to provide to students an opportunity to develop an awareness of the visual arts through communication, demonstration and discussion. Being able to communicate using language, a culturally acquired symbol, is an activity that is unique to humans. Language, however, by virtue of its nature, is limited by cultural boundaries: one has to learn it to communicate. Visual arts unlike language can transmit feelings and ideas across cultures evoking them through line, shape, arrangement and color on a two or three-dimensional space. For this I need to provide guidance and inspiration to the student-artists who are following this path. I am passionately endeavoring to perfect my skills, as do all serious artist-teachers.
To be able to express my inner reality in visible and artistic forms, for me, is to live with meaning and purpose. Pursuing my ultimate goal of teaching is a definite and resolute step towards this goal.