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Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao Spain


My current creative research involves comparing and contrasting Western and Eastern Art.  I am closely examining works of art within specific cultural contexts with consideration given to the political, social, economic and religious spheres.  This is being accomplished by my traveling to numerous museums and galleries around the world over the past 20 years.  I have plans to further my study in order to fulfill the professional artist-teacher requirements, qualifications.

2011 National Fine Art Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
2011 National Fine Art Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
2011 Munch Museum, Sculpture Park, Fine Art, Oslo, Norway
2011 Ruben’s House, Royal Fine Art Museum, Fashion Museum, Antwerp, Belgium, Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium
2011 Musée Dali, Musée du Louvre, Paris, France
2011 Stonehenge, London, UK
2009 Musée du Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France, Historic Museum, La Tremblard, France.
Vatican Museum, Rome, Uffizi Gallery, Academia, Florence, Peggy Gugenheim Collection, Venice, Italy.
2008 Gugenheim Museum, LasVegas, Utah.
2005 Kunsthistorisches Art Museum and numerous Contemporary Art Museum and Galleries, Vienna, Austria.  Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Austria. Alte Pinakothek and Modern Art Museum, Munich, Germany.
2004 Gugenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain.  Historic Museum, La Tremblard, France.
2004 National Fine Art Gallery in China, and numerous Art Museum, Beijing, China.
2003 Numerous Art Gallery and Contemporary National Art Museum, Seoul.  National Modern Art Museum, Dae-Jurn, S. Korea.
2000 Louvre Museum, Picasso Museum, Paris, France.
2000 Guggenheim, Metropolitan, MOMA, Frick Gallery, New York City, New York.
1999 Vatican Museum, Rome, Uffizi Gallery, Academia, Florence, Peggy Gugenheim Collection, Academia, Biennial, Venice Italy.
1998 Contemporary Modern Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan. MOMA, Takasaki, Japan.
1997 Honolulu Art Institute, Honolulu, Hawaii.
1996 Hyun-Dai National Art Museum Seoul, S. Korea. Kong-Ju National Museum, Kong-Ju, S. Korea.
1994 National Art Museum, Singapore.
1993 Numerous Art Museum and Galleries, Chicago, Illinois.
Contemporary Modern Art Museum, Washington D.C.
1992 Picasso's Still Life Exhibition, Cleveland Art Museum, Cleveland, Ohio, Detroit Art Institute, Detroit, Michigan.
1991 Toledo Art Museum, Toledo, Ohio.


2011 3 Paintings, Mrs. Nona Bushman, Wyoming, Michigan
2009 6 Paintings, Madame Yejin Mulot, La Tremblard, France
2009 1 Painting, City Vice Mayor, La Tremblade, France
2009 6 Paintings, Madame Yejin Mulot, La Tremblard, France.
Mr. Mrs. Sun-Hee Lagrange, Singapore.
2008 Mrs. Arnold, Midland, MI
Mrs. Kim, LasVegas, Utah
2008 Mrs. Hur, LasVegas, Utah
200712 Paintings Comissioned by St. Anne Catholic Church, Big Rapids, Michigan.
6 Paintings Collected by Art Committee, Holy Family Catholic Church, Caledonia, Michigan.
Dr. Heather Ingram, Wayland, Michigan.
2003 Mrs. Liz Arnold, Nashiville, MI
2001 Mr & Mrs Qulivan, Brooklyn, New York.
2000 Madame Anne Lagrange, Cognac, France. Patrick Lagrange, LaTremblard, France.
2000 Charles Stroh, Art Professor and Chair at WMU, Michigan.
2000 Young S. Shim, Rev. at Battle Creek, Michigan.
2000 Ki Bang Nam, Honolulu, Hawaii.
1998 Dr. & Mrs. Jurn, Professor of Saginaw Valley State University, Saginaw, Michigan.
1997 Honors office, Central Michigan University, Michigan.    
1991-2 Two works selected Permanent Art Collection, Delta College, Michigan.
1992 Two Portraits, commissioned, President Office, Delta College, Michigan.
1991 Mr & Mrs Mizyeck, Bay city, Michigan.
1985 Mr. Clyson, Honolulu, Hawaii.




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